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You are invited to embark on a 6 month journey around the world to celebrate Swarovski's 125th anniversary. Each place we visit will bring new inspirations, sparkling color combinations, and beautiful Swarovski inspirational projects. We will explore how color combinations act as a global identifier- just as a flag does for it's country.

Our last stop in the Crystals around the World program: The Earth's history is truly like no other. Over millions and millions of years this land has formed and then reformed to reveal what we all know as the Grand Canyon. The colorful stratified layers of rock composing the sides of the Grand Canyon change over the course of the day as the sun moves and the light transforms one scene into another leaving us with a view that takes your breath away. These textures and colors provided a boundless source of inspiration that inspired these pieces.
Highlighting Crystal Copper, Smoked Topaz & Montana