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Lucite Flower Mother’s Day Bracelet


v 7” or desired length of leaf chain

v 2” of extender chain

v 14- 10 x 5mm Petunia Flower

v 14- 7 x 4mm Petunia Flower

v 14- 4mm Swarovski Crystal Bicones

v 13- 6mm Swarovski Crystal Round (yellow opal)

11mm Lobster Clasp

v 3- 5mm Jumprings

v 28-Headpins

v Mom Charm


1. Cut chain to desired length. On one end, use a 5mm jumpring to add 11mm lobster claw to chain.

2. You can pre-wrap your dangles, leaving the loop open so you can add it to the chain. Once added to the chain, you will finish the wire wrap to complete a secure dangle.

On 14 of the headpins, you will add a 4mm bicone,a 7 x 4mm Petunia Flower and then a 10 x 5mm Petunia flower.

On the other 14 headpins, add a 6mm round

3. Starting on the first link below the lobster clasp, add 1 flower dangle to one side & a 6mm round dangle to the other. After adding a dangle, finish the wire wrap loop.

4. Skip 3 links and repeat step 3 until you have added all your dangles and completed them.

5. Attach extender chain using 5mm jumpring.

6. Add charm to end of extender chain using your last 5mm jumpring.