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Liquid Polymer Clay
Of the many lines of clay available today, the flexibility of liquid polymer clay makes it a standout. Incredibly versatile and bakeable, you can use liquid polymer clay for grout in mosaics and window clings. You can also put it in bakeable silicone molds to create jewelry and home decor projects or embellishments for other clay projects.
With liquid polymer clay from Sculpey, the creative possibilities are as endless as your imagination. What will you create next? Learn more about this multifaceted liquid clay and how you can incorporate it into your next project.
What Is Liquid Polymer Clay?
Liquid Sculpey is just what its name implies — polymer clay in liquid form, sold in squeeze bottles. This liquid also makes an excellent bakeable polymer clay glue to enhance the bond between other pieces of clay. When cured with heat, liquid polymer clay mimics its solid counterpart and forms a flexible yet solid mass.
While liquid clay bakes in entirely the same way as regular polymer clay, it behaves differently from its solid counterpart. The fluidity and flexibility of liquid polymer clay mean that it's best used with a mold.You can also use this polymer clay with other types of Sculpey clay. With a twist cap that allows you to control the flow and volume with precision, our liquid polymer clay can fill an entire mold or add detailed accents to any piece.
What Are the Different Finishes of Liquid Polymer Clay From Sculpey®?
Liquid Sculpey® liquid polymer clay is available in four types of finishes:
Our matte Liquid Sculpey® finishes provide a flat look to your projects, great for natural pieces with neutral or monochrome colors.
  • Black
  • White
Metallic liquid polymer clays are perfect for giving any project extra dazzle. Classic metals like gold and silver lend a unique shine that's sure to catch eyes and turn heads.
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Pearl
  • Peacock Pearl
  • Navy Metallic
  • Garnet Metallic
  • Multi-Packs
Our liquid clay multi-packs are an excellent way to try out a whole range of Liquid Sculpey® colors and finishes. These packs come with three different liquid polymer clays. Whether you want bright primary colors or glam metallics, you're sure to find a Sculpey multi-pack that fits your style.
  • Primary colors
  • Glam metallics
  • Metallics
  • Translucent
Liquid Sculpey® Translucents are unique clays that allow you to incorporate light into your designs. Our Translucent liquid clay lets a limited amount of light pass through it, creating blurred but illuminated images. Our Liquid Sculpey® Clear clay is entirely see-through for maximum light.
  • Translucent
  • Amber Translucent
  • Turquoise Translucent
What Is Liquid Polymer Clay Used For?
Liquid polymer clay has a variety of uses which makes it an ideal crafting medium! There are endless possibilities when it comes to creating with liquid clay. Here are just a few suggestions for how you can use Liquid Sculpey® in your next craft or project:
  • In molds to create jewelry and home decor pieces
  • Soften crumbly clay
  • Seal your beads
  • Make a faux ceramic and other unique faux effects with pigments
  • As a bakeable glue to enhance the bond between clay pieces
  • As a drizzle for polymer clay food miniatures
  • As a fixative for surface effects
  • As a clearcoat or coating in the place of a varnish
  • Create multi-layered effects — the translucents work great for this!
  • Make window and mirror clings
  • Transfer photos on clay and other objects, glazing polymer clay creations or combining your own shades of liquid clays
How to Use Thinner and Clay Softener With Liquid Sculpey®
Different projects call for clays of different thicknesses. Sculpey® has a thinner and clay softener that you can use with Liquid Sculpey® to alter the consistency of the liquids if they are too thick for your project. Just a few drops of Sculpey® liquid clay softener will quickly turn any batch of polymer clay into clay that's smooth, soft and easy to shape and knead.
Add a Little Wonder With Liquid Polymer Clay
Liquid polymer clay is a great way to explore and experiment with new, creative ideas. If you want to make a truly unique piece, feel free to add extras to your solid and liquid clays. To achieve specific effects, you can tint polymer clay with various pigments as well as mix it with:
  • Metal leaf or flakes
  • Tinsel
  • Mica powders
  • Sequins
  • Sand
  • Dry flowers
  • Glitters
  • Spices