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All supplies will be included in all classes unless stated otherwise. You will receive 50% off retail items in store on the day of class, as well as a coupon to get 50% off retail items to use another time. You may come early if you wish to have time to look around the store beforehand. A tour of the store can be given after class by the teacher.

October 6th – Pick-A-Class - $45/Per Person – 1 pm – 2:30 pm

Choose one of two classes:

Learn to wire wrap earrings – Learn how to make beautiful dangles and wire wraps, which can be used in various other jewelry making techniques.


Learn Basic Beading – Learn how to string and finish off bracelets and necklaces with a crimp and a clasp.

October 20th – Learn how to Knot between pearls - $45/Per Person – 1 pm – 3 pm – Learn how to knot between pearls and other beads using cording. Learn the differences between types of cord.

October 21st – Learn how to Solder - $50/Per Person – 1 pm – 2:30 pm – Learn how to solder Jumprings to make a charm bracelet. Iron will be included as apart of the class and you will be allowed to take it home with you.

To sign up, please call us at 248-544-1590. We prefer you pay over the phone with a credit card. If you must cancel, please let us know within 24 hours of the class, or your class payment may be forfeited.