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All supplies will be included in all classes unless stated otherwise. You will receive 50% off retail items in store on the day of class, as well as a coupon to get 50% off retail items to use another time. You may come early if you wish to have time to look around the store beforehand. A tour of the store can be given after class by the teacher.

4/7 - 1 pm - 2 pm - Pick-a-class:

Learn how to make a basic bracelet - $45/Per Person - Learn the basics of stringing and how to finish off a bracelet using a crimp and a clasp! Great for beginners wanting to test the waters of crafting. Techniques can be applied to several different types of jewelry making, including making necklaces, waist jewelry, and much much more.


Learn how to make a Multistrand bracelet - $55/Per Person -
Learn how to put together several strands of beads to make a beautiful multi-stranded bracelet. Perfect for those who might already have some knowledge of how to bead, but also good for total beginners! Techniques can be used to make necklaces, belts, wrap bracelets and much more.

4/8 - 1 pm - 2pm - Pick-a-class:

Learn to make Earrings - $45/Per Person – Learn to make your own beautiful earrings and dangles. Techniques can be applied to various types of jewelry making.


Learn to make a Multi-strand Necklace w/ wire wrapped fringe - $65/Per Person –
Learn to make a beautiful necklace with multiple strands that was inspired by 1950’s fashion. (Picture is not exactly what will be made, but is a close example)

4/21 - 1 pm - 2 pm -
Learn to Knot between beads - $45/Per Person – Learn how to knot between beads to make beautiful bracelets and necklaces. A choice of beads will be given in class, and supplies are all included. Techniques can be applied to any type of bead.

4/22 - 1 pm - 2 pm - Pick-a-class

Lets Explore Resin! - $45/Per Person – Learn the basics of using UV resin in this fun exploration session. You will be provided a UV light along with a bottle of UV Resin. Molds and additives will be supplied during class and will be available for purchase after class.

Learn how to string Waist Beads - $45/Per Person - Learn how to use a bead spinner and make your own beautiful waist jewelry! Waist jewelry can be used for many things, including weight tracking or just for some fun summer fashion. Bead spinner will be included with the class, as will all other supplies.

To sign up, please call us at 248-544-1590. We prefer you pay over the phone with a credit card. If you must cancel, please let us know within 24 hours of the class, or your class payment may be forfeit.