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BeadSmith Heavy Duty Cutter Darice End Nose Cutter Xuron Angled Head Sprue Cutter #420T
BeadSmith Heavy Duty Cutter
Starting Price: $18.50

Darice End Nose Cutter
Starting Price: $9.99
Price listed is subject to discount
Price listed is subject to discount

Xuron Hard Wire Shear #2193 Xuron Hard Wire Shear W/Self Adjusting Clamping Fixtures #2193F Xuron Maxi-Shear Flush Cutter #2175
Xuron Hard Wire Shear #2193
Starting Price: $25.59

Xuron Maxi-Shear Flush Cutter #2175
Starting Price: $22.79


Xuron Precision Micro-Shear Flush Cutter #410 Xuron Precision Micro-Shear Ultra Flush Cutter #410A Xuron Sprue Cutter #410T
Xuron Sprue Cutter #410T
Starting Price: $17.49