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Swarovski 2028/2038/2078 Rhinestone Swarovski 2037 Eclipse Swarovski 2039 Rim Set
Swarovski 2080 Pearl Swarovski 2200 Navette Swarovski 2300 Teardrop
Swarovski 2304 Raindrop Flatback Swarovski 2400 Square Swarovski 2711 Triangle
Swarovski 2728 Flower Swarovski 2753 Edelweiss FB Swarovski 2816 Star
Flat Backs Hotfix can be easily ironed on to textile materials such as wool, cotton, linen, viscose, lycra, alcantara, silk, synthetics and denim, to name just a few. The flat back of the crystal has a layer of hot-melt adhesive that is activated by using heat and then bonds with the carrier material. They are wash-resistant and come in a multitude of colours, sizes and cuts - among them the SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS XILION Rose, the new generation of brillance.