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2ss (1.2-1.3mm) 3ss (1.35-1.4mm) 5ss (1.7-1.8mm)
7ss (2.1-2.2mm) 9ss (2.5-2.6mm) 12ss (3-3.2mm)
16ss (3.8-4mm) 20ss (4.4-4.6mm) 30ss (6.3-6.5mm)
34ss (7.1-7.3mm)
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Preciosa® Crystal flat back rhinestones are the premium choice for manufacturers and designers.
Made to the highest standards of quality using the latest cutting technology, Preciosa Czech crystal rhinestones are recognized for their fiery brilliance, precision cuts, superior optical clarity and size consistency. Non-hotfix stones feature resistant multilayer silver foiling that protects against damage and intensifies their brilliance.

Preciosa Crystal's machine cut masterpiece, the MC Chaton Rose MAXIMA reflects 264 unique rays of light, the highest available on the market. The essence of crystal brilliance, 15 beautifully shimmering facets were created using the latest machine cutting technology.

These premium lead free genuine Czech crystal stones are offered in 14 different sizes, each with a corresponding cut so every individual crystal produces the same dazzling effect. Featuring highly durable coatings and foiling, and superior size consistency, MAXIMA crystal stones are manufactured in accordance with the highest environmental and sustainable practices. These stones have less than 90ppm of lead and barium and meet the following world standards: ASTM F2923-11, ASTM F963-11, CPSC 16 CFR 1303, CPSIA, Directive 209/48EU, OEKO-TEX Standard 100 and more.