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Swarovski “Grinch” Earrings


6- 24ga Sterling Silver Headpins

2- 22ga Sterling Silver Eyepins

A pair of Sterling Silver Earwires/Fish hooks

2- 3mm Swarovski Faceted Round in White Alabaster (art. #5000)

2- 9 x 6mm Swarovski Drop Beads in Light Siam (art. #5500)

2- 6mm Swarovski Rondell in Crystal/Silver

2- 8mm Swarovski Clover Beads in Fern Green (art. #5752)

2- 5mm Swarovski Rondell in Light Siam/Silver

2- 12mm Swarovski Artemis Beads in Fern Green (art. #5540)

16- 3mm Swarovski Faceted Round in Fern Green (art. #5000)

4- 4mm Swarovski Rondell in Crystal/Silver

4- 4mm Swarovsk Faceted Round in Light Siam (art. #5000)


Flat Nose Pliers

Round Nose Pliers

Wire Cutter


Assemble from the bottom up

Starting with the legs, take a headpin and put on a 4mm round Light Siam, 4mm Crystal/Silver Rondell & 4- 3mm round Fern Green. Do for each leg.

Wire wrap/gallery wrap at the top and attach to the eyepin loop. 2 legs per eyepin.

With the legs complete, now it’s time to build the body. Using the same eyepin that has the legs attached to it, slide on an Artemis bead, a 5mm rondell, a Clover bead, a 6mm rondell & a Light Siam drop bead. Wire wrap/gallery wrap at top.

On headpin, add 3mm round white alabaster & wire wrap to loop at the top then add to earwire.