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Proper crimping is the key to a long-lasting bracelet or necklace design, as well as an easy method for finishing Beadalon stringing wire. Beadalon offers a variety of Crimp Bead and Crimp Tube sizes and finishes to accomodate your specific needs. Fasten Beadalon Crimp Beads and Crimp Tubes securely with the easy-to-use Beadalon Crimper Tool.

• Step-by-Step Instructions •
1. Select the appropriate flexibility, diameter, and color of Beadalon wire. Choose the largest diameter possible based on the size of the holes in the beads and findings.
2. Select either crimp beads or crimp tubes - then choose plating color, silver or gold. Match suggested crimp size as indicated on the wire package. (Illustration shows a crimp tube.)

Crimp BeadCrimp TubeFits
.010 in..25mmyes0, 11yes
.012 in..30mmyes0, 11yes
.013 in..33mmyes0, 11yes
.015 in..38mmyes12yes
.018 in..46mmyes12yes
.020 in..51mmyes12yes
.021 in..53mmyes1, 22yes
.024 in..61mmno2, 32, 3no
3. Insert the Beadalon wire into the crimp.
4. Thread the wire through the clasp and back through the crimp.
5. Slide the crimp up close to the clasp, leaving enough room to allow the clasp to move freely.
6. Place the crimp in the OUTER slot of the crimp tool and make one firm compression. This will shape the crimp into an oval. Be sure to keep the wires parallel.
7. Now, place the crimp in the INNER slot of the crimp tool and make one firm compression. The shape of the crimp should now resemble a crescent moon
8. Next, place the crimp in the OUTER slot of the tool at a 90° angle, and make another firm compression. This rounds the crescent into a round bead again.
9. String 1 to 3 beads, then trim the excess wire with the Beadalon Nipper Tool.
10. String the rest of your design. Repeat steps 3 - 8 for crimping the clasp to the opposite end to complete the design.

Add a decorative flair to designs made on Beadalon wire with EZ-Crimps. Fashioned from sterling silver, these easy-to-use clasps provide a professional, secure finish and crimp directly onto Beadalon 49, 19, or 7 Strand wire (up to .024" diameter). Use these romantic-looking clasps in bright and antique sterling silver finishes to accent your designs.

• Step-by-Step Instructions •
1. Place a single strand, or a combination of Beadalon wires (up to .024" diameter), all the way inside the EZ-Crimp hole.
2. Place the smooth portion of the E-Z Crimp into the semi-circle (outer jaw) of the Mighty Crimper Tool.
3. Squeeze until the coiled wires of the EZ-Crimp begin to close down around the stringing wire.
4. Make additional compressions, as in the previous step, to compress coiled wires through the entire length of the EZ-Crimp finding. Easy, secure, professional.

Match-Up Proper Wire and Crimp Bead/Tube Diameters

This handy chart will help you choose the right size crimp for your wire.

Crimp Bead SizeWire DiameterCrimp Tool
#0.010" - .013" (.25-.33mm)Micro
#1.010" - .021" (.25-.53mm)Micro
#2.024" - .026" (.60-.66mm)Standard
#3.024" - .036" (.60-.91mm)Mighty

Crimp Tube SizeWire DiameterCrimp Tool
#1.010" - .013" (.25-.33mm)Micro
#2.013" - .024" (.33-.61mm)Standard
#3.024" - .026" (.60-.66mm)Standard
#4.026" - .036" (.66-.91mm)Mighty