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Liquid Sculpey

New Clear is TRULY transparent.Allows perfect visibility of additives such as glitter, dried flowers and leaves.Can be used as a coating to achieve a resin-like finish within 20 minutes. Works perfectly with Sculpey Silicone Bakeable Molds.Can be colored with alcohol-based inks before or after baking.Holds a crisp, clear line when used with image transfers.Great for detailing miniature pieces and for “drawing” with clay

Now available in CLEAR, BLACK & WHITE

Swarovski Jewel Cut Flatbacks

Available in Pear and Navette shapes, Crystal and Crystal AB

Dance costume designers asked and Swarovski listened!
The introduction of these new Jewel Cut Flat Back Rhinestones is a direct response to the need for large, gemstone shaped flat backs in the dancesport industry. These classic gem shapes offer a premium look and can be used in a myriad of glamorous and statement designs. The same beauty, elegance and sophistication that is expressed through jewelry designs is now available to adorn dance costumes.

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