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Flocked Tray Liner Insert Trays Foam Ring Pad Inserts Gem Jar Inserts
Flocked Plastic Tray Liner Inserts. For use with Utility Trays, Display Boxes or on their own.
Black foam tray liner insert for display boxes. Holds 72 rings , 14 1/8" x 7 5/8"
Foam tray inserts with plastic Gemstone Jar storage/display containers. For use with glass top display boxes and plastic utility trays. Measures 14 1/4" X7 3/4" X 3/4".
Plastic Tray Liner Inserts Velvet Pads Waterfall Bracelet Display Pads
PVC Compartment Stackable Trays. For use in plastic utility trays or alone.
Soft Top Velvet Pads. Use in display boxes or alone.