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SWAROVSKI SALE 2028 FLAT BACKS Swarovski 2035 Round Chessboard Swarovski 2058/2088 Rhinestone
Swarovski 2201 Jewel Cut Navette Flat Back Swarovski 2205 Flame Flat Back Swarovski 2303 Jewel Cut Pear Flat Back
Swarovski 2400 Square Flatback Swarovski 2493 Square Chessboard Swarovski 2612 Jelly Fish Flat Back
Swarovski 2709 Rhombus Swarovski 2808 Heart Swarovski 2856 Skull Flatback
Swarovski 4739 Cosmic
Swarovski Flat Backs No Hotfix (No HF) are loose crystal elements with Platinum Foiling on the back for extra brilliance and protection. Swarovski Flat Backs No HF are easy to apply to a variety of carrier materials using standard one or two component glues. They are available in a multitude of colors, shapes and cuts. The most important single item in this product group is the XILION Rose – the most brilliant cut on the market.