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Swarovski has an impressive brand value of USD 5.2 billion* which puts Swarovski amongst the top luxury fashion brands.

*European Brand Institute, Eurobrand Study 2013 – EUR 3,755 billion (EUR/USD 1,378).

In a 2014 survey of 3200 female consumers in 4 countries Swarovski found that consumers would be will to pay up to 44% more for products marked with the Swarovski name

* Study with 3,200 consumers (25 - 55yrs, female) in Germany, Italy, USA, China (May 2014). Includes jewelry, apparel, digital and leather accessory products

Did you know?

164,000 Swarovski crystals shimmered brilliantly throughout the theater at the 2014 Oscars making them the key creative element in the set design for the Academy Awards in Los Angeles?

Swarovski is also a well-known name in the movie industry, being proud to have put the sparkle in films such as Moulin Rouge, Black Swan, The Great Gatsby, and the James Bond series

Swarovski promotes awareness and understanding of sustainable and responsible water management, access to safe drinking water and practices on sanitation, hygiene and health amongst children and young adults in an informative and playful manner

Producing its famous crystals at its headquarters in Wattens, Austria

Ensuring unparalleled clarity with
no apparent inclusions or streaks and strict color range tolerances

Setting new standards with the innovative ADVANCED CRYSTAL formula*

Using advanced optical measurement and high-precision cutting (X-cut technology)

Delivering premium crystals with complex multilayered surfaces and angles, and accuracy in size, diameter and height

Redefining the market standard with the innovative XIRIUS